If you choose speed boots, the Adidas X Ghosted series must be considered, especially the flagship product X Ghosted+ in the series! The ultra-thin upper, the last inspired by running shoes, and the outsole equipped with carbon fiber board, look and put it on very fast! Today’s new product appreciation, let’s take a look at the X Ghosted+ in the Adidas "Superspectral Pack" European Cup set!

  • Adidas Soccer Cleats Exterior

Each sneaker in Adidas new "Superspectral Pack" European Cup set has its own characteristics, but if you want to say that the appearance design is the most popular and the most suitable shoe for young players, it must be the X Ghosted series, and the most "showy" is counted. Flagship X Ghosted+! The entire upper of the sneaker uses the highly recognizable rose pink as the main color, and the outsole is matched with the same conspicuous orange. The flagship outsole also uses reflective coating, whether you are standing on the court or running. Moving, the appearance is particularly dazzling. The actual combat players who choose speed boots are generally attacking players, with outstanding skills, outstanding skills, and relatively young players.

  • Adidas Soccer Cleats vamp

As the speed boots in the four series of Adidas, X Ghosted+ Soccer Shoes has the most outstanding design, materials and technology. The shoe upper uses the innovative MirageSkin, which brings light weight, compact package, direct touch and strong stability. The new MirageSkin upper has a three-layer structure, the outer side is covered with high-performance material, the middle supports the frame line, and the innermost is made of material to ensure wearing comfort. The support frame line increases from the front to the back, and the toe is extremely soft while supporting the middle and back adequate. Although Soccer's design philosophy is to pursue extreme lightness and ensure a sense of speed, the Adidas design team still makes every effort to ensure the functional balance of all aspects of the upper, and will not lose sight of the other. In addition, the sneakers also have a newly designed sprint last, inspired by racing shoes, the shoe shape is slightly upturned to provide players with a straight burst of speed. There are two independent sponge designs on the heel to create an enveloping three-dimensional package. The structure of the entire upper is very simple, but the technical content is super high.

Adidas X Ghosted+ Superspectral uses dazzling and arrogant rose powder as the main color, which is very suitable for attackers with outstanding skills and speed.

The gradient stripes on the upper, the orange grid pattern and the outsole coating with special effects make the appearance of X Ghosted+ fuller.

The European Cup color matching X Ghosted+ FG and AG boots have an outstanding upper design, light weight, tightly wrapped, direct touch and strong stability.

The forefoot width of sneakers is moderate, well-shaped, comfortable to wear and tolerant of wide feet.

Innovation Mirageskin is a multi-layer composite structure with soft and tough material, which provides players with sufficient comfort and support stability, while the touch feeling is direct and crisp.

The laceless upper structure is used, and the fabric material of the instep integrated tongue has a certain degree of extensibility, and the sneakers are easy to wear without losing the sense of wrapping.

The low-cut cut shoe mouth is very light and thin, which fits the ankle while not having any influence on high-speed running.

Two pieces of protruding independent foam are newly added to the heel to form a heel embracing lock.

The heel design is equally light and thin, and the hollow perspective effect is also a bold innovation, and there is no risk of heel grinding.

  • Adidas Soccer Cleats Outsole

Another highlight design of X Ghosted+ FG is the CARBITEX SPEEDFRAME outsole. This is the first time that Adidas has used carbon fiber board on its Soccer Cleats. Through the flexibility and hardness of the carbon fiber material, it provides strong power when the player starts and accelerates. Strength feedback to help players achieve the fastest speed. The stud design of the entire outsole also deconstructs track and field spikes, and then rebuilds them for use on Soccer Cleats to reflect the need for speed in contemporary football games. The length of the studs is also moderate, so there is no problem at all on the grass court in better conditions. The outsole used in the AG version is a general public sole with the attributes of actual combat sneakers. Predator Freak and Copa Sense also use this AG outsole. Although the studs are not short in length, the shape, distribution, and material are still for artificial grass, etc. Non-natural grass court design.

The Carbitex Speedframe outsole used by X Ghosted+ FG Soccer Cleats should be the most outstanding style among the four series.

The studs are a V-shaped design with speed characteristics, with excellent grip and stability. At the same time, the FG studs are of moderate length and can also be worn on the grass courts of upper and middle-level people.

Carbitex carbon fiber board is added to the forefoot of the outsole to provide extra support and strength feedback for speed players when starting, running, and exerting force.

The AG outsole is still the old public bottom, which is used on the AG version of predator freak and copa 20.

This AG outsole is designed with the shape of the studs and matched with the material, emphasizing the stability and durability of the sneakers on the grass court.

  • Adidas Soccer Cleats To Sum Up

Buying Adidas X Ghosted+ is naturally because of the speed attribute, so as long as the venue allows, EZers should still go directly to the flagship FG version, so that from the upper to the outsole, the design concept of speed can be more complete! Compared with AG, FG is so much more than carbon plates, not to mention the fact that shoe studs are not good for anyone to grow!