Adidas Soccer Cleats has brought a new remake. A representative and legendary re-enactment-it definitely suits the tastes of avid Adidas Sneaker lovers!

Adidas Shoes can be said to be the best brand in the field of football shoes. We are in the last month of 2021, and we can look back at some amazing sneakers so far. They started with Predator Accelerator and Adidas Copa Mudial and named the new color scheme with Eternal Class. Then they brought the extremely popular Messi El Retorno. But for Adidas, that is not enough. So in September, they released a double-double reissue to celebrate the return of the Champions League. One of them is the iconic F50 adizero Prime and the legendary Adidas Predator Pulse. These two pairs are presented in the main colors of the Champions League.

Speaking of "Legendary"-this is another re-enactment of Adidas. Let us welcome the return of Predator Pulse and AdiPure, and enjoy the following beautiful pictures of Adidas sneakers together!

adidas Predator Pulse

Let's start with Adidas Predator Pulse, a pair of falcons that are often forgotten by people. But in 2003, when they launched the European Cup in 2004, this pair of Adidas sneakers favored by Beckham, Zidane, and Gerrard was also a product that Adidas Football Shoes hyped. This is the second time that Adidas Football Boots has reproduced these shoes. The vamp is a 1:1 restoration of the first year. There is a classic Falcon friction strip element on the front half of the leather upper—to be precise, there are six friction strips in total. The Adidas Predator Pulse of the first year is equipped with PowerPulse technology on the outsole forefoot, which makes the weight of the forefoot smaller, so that you can exert more force when hitting the ball. However, the use of this technology is not continued in this double engraving, but the same outsole as Adidas Predator Freak is adopted. Therefore, this pair of shoes is a perfect combination of nostalgic elements and modern technology.

Who doesn't love the black, white, and gold color scheme?

adidas AdiPure

This is a re-enactment of the first pair of AdiPure released by Adidas Soccer Cleats in 2007. When he was released, Kaka was the spokesperson for this pair of Adidas Football Shoes-an excellent spokesperson with a pair of excellent sneakers. The all-leather upper mixed with some of the most advanced technology at the time, bringing a pair of lightweight and comfortable Adidas sneakers, which later became the choice of many players. In fact, Tony Cross still chooses to wear a pair of AdiPure competitions, although these shoes have been discontinued in 2015. The re-engraved outsole is the same as the outsole we saw on Nemeziz.

Like Predator Pulse, AdiPure's color scheme is also black, white, and gold.

The new "Legend" color matching sneakers have not been used by some top stars in the game. But they will appear on the feet of Zidane, Gerrard, Beckham and Kaka in FIFA 22. You can also choose to be worn by other stars in the game.