It seems that people have forgotten the original meaning of November 11 as Singles Day. This special day has now been created by the Internet to become the world's largest consumer festival. Adidas Soccer Cleats , which is as far away as Germany, is also preparing to join in the heat and has released a limited edition Adidas "Double 11" X Speedflow suit.

Contrary to Valentine's Day, no one seems to care about being single in today's Singles Day. This year's Double Eleven is even more different from the past.Adidas Soccer Shoes People will not forget to pay close attention to the World Preliminary match between the National Football Team and Oman at 11 o'clock that night while shopping spree.

The Adidas X super-top "+" version and the top-level ".1" version use almost the same "blue/white/red" color scheme. The white clean outsole is spliced with a full-covered blue upper, and the red and white marks are correspondingly arranged on the inner and outer sides of the shoe, which vividly presents a very special tactical plan. Each type of mark is composed of 11 "players". The 11 people on the football field cleverly resonated with Double 11, which can be regarded as a kind of fate. The Adidas Soccer Cleats TF version uses the completely opposite red, and the number of marks that appear on the heel has also been drastically reduced to five. This not only points to the five-man small field, but also declares the limited influence of small field football.