In order to continue to occupy a key position in speed sneakers, PUMA replaced the previous ONE series with a new Ultra. With its innovative upper and ultra-lightweight production shoe positioning, Ultra has become a lot of speed sneakers before it is officially released. One of the must-buy lists for fans. After the official listing,Adidas Football Boots FG did receive a lot of attention, but due to the actual situation of the domestic venue, people who held the currency and waited and saw all eyed MG and TF, so today we mainly use MG as the main supplement and TF. I will analyze all aspects of this "fast man" Ultra in detail for everyone, so that everyone can be confident.

The brand-new Ultra is a new shoe that replaces Cheap Adidas FootBall Boots ONE, so from head to toe it is a new design and new face. The iconic runway logo was cancelled on the outer side of the shoe body, and only a small jaguar logo in the outer instep area was retained, which is concise and iconic.

There are not too many decorative elements on the inside of the shoe body.Nike Adidas Football Boots In line with the line of the shoe body, the PUMA Soccer Cleats word with a sense of speed is placed on the heel of the shoe. At a glance, it is the kind of Feel that is bursting with speed.

Puma Soccer Shoes 1.1 MG's toe is the most obvious upturning, and it is tall and straight, which means that it has the best compatibility with the shape of the foot. The curvature of the toe toe of the top MG in 2.1 times is significantly reduced but it is still full and full. Most foot types are still fine. 3.1 The toe cap space of the TT is a little flat, and the black rubber outsole has a direct protection to the toe. 4.1 The upturned arc of MG is much smoother, and the space in the toe cap is also quite satisfactory. Another very interesting phenomenon is that Grip Control Pro, a coating used to increase the friction of the upper, can be seen on the top and sub-top uppers, but it becomes Grip Control at the level of 3.1, although they are all similar However, the level of the coating has been adjusted, and 4.1 does not have this technology.

Top: Puma Soccer Cleats 1.1 MG is naturally a new type of fabric woven with three mixed materials of Kevlar + carbon fiber + fabric, the most gimmicky and interesting.Adidas Football Boots The surface layer of the vamp is except for the toe and outsole of the Grip Control Pro transparent film. Covering, there is no other hot melt film structure, you can directly see and feel the texture of the material itself, which means that the texture presented by the upper is actually close to the "fabric sense" of the fabric itself, waterproof There are some shortcomings in anti-fouling,Nike Football Shoes but the other advantage is that it completely restores the basic touch created by the fabric.

Sub-top level: 2.1 MG's upper is first woven material, the material composition or composition is polyester (also known as polyester), so you can see from this that it is actually shrunk carbon fiber and Kevlar two gimmick materials In addition,Cheap Puma Soccer Cleats the coverage area of ​​its Grip Control Pro hot melt film on the vamp is almost over 85%. In addition, some long grooves are embossed on the vamp to increase the friction of the vamp.

Mid-end: The upper of the 3.1 TT uses MatryxMESH Technology, so the material itself is a familiar Mesh, which is a composite multi-layer mesh. The outermost layer is a thin TPU film with fine small Particles, there are also obvious longitudinal grooves on the upper,Nike Soccer Shoes which are used to improve the friction of the upper.

Low-end: The upper of 4.1 MG is a one-piece man-made material. What is interesting is that its overall softness and fineness are good, and the upper is also embossed. Tongue system/lace comparison

All four pairs of shoes are equipped with a lacing system, Adidas Shoes and are traditionally centered and symmetrical. The difference is that only the top 1.1 and 3.1 use the integrated tongue, the top 1.1 tongue is the highest level of fabric, the texture and wearing experience are currently the most mainstream top fabric, not inferior to Flyknit. The integrated tongue of 3.1 is a stretch fabric with longitudinal lines. Under the PU strip that runs through the middle of the shoe body is a material suture. In terms of the quality of the tongue itself, it is better than the same level of Nike and Adi's shoes. The money is better.Adidas Football Boots 2.1 MG's independent tongue material is more interesting,Puma Soccer Shoes the outermost layer is a bare fabric with carbon fiber texture, the surface is not covered by hot melt film and other materials, and there is a thick sponge cushion inside. 4.1 The tongue of MG is a single-layer man-made material.

The corresponding vamp technology can be seen under the laces of the four pairs of Soccer shoes

Points worth paying attention to: Puma Shoes Although the top is a shoe upper made of three mixed yarns, the strength of the toe and the sides of the arch is different. The functional area is divided. This detail is only available on the top.

Puma Soccer Cleats 1.1 MG's shoe collar is a symmetrical V-shaped structure inside and outside, and the top of the tongue is obviously arched. From the appearance point of view, it is a mid-to-high boot design. Although it is a fabric collar, the wrapping feel is not as tight as a high-top,Soccer Shoes so it is still There will be the possibility of rubber particles entering. The 2.1 and 3.1 collar structures are similar to the relatively taller traditional low-top design. 4.1 MG is a typical traditional low-cut collar structure.

The top heel lining chooses a fabric with fluff. Soccer Cleats The anti-slip and comfort are still acceptable. The biggest problem is that the fluff on the surface of this material is not wear-resistant. After one or two games, you will see some fibers in the heel being worn away. Mao, the later usage is a problem. 2.2 is also a pile fabric, but the texture of the pile is much rougher than the top. 3.1 The heel lining of TT is thin PU with matte texture, 4.1 is the combination of black mesh cloth + thick sponge that is popular in the low-end and low-end.

From the approximate shape of the heel, Nike Soccer Shoes the four pairs of shoes are all single-peak N-shaped structure, with a built-in protective cup; the top collar edge has an extra circle of knitted material, the heel has a small bulge, and the remaining three pairs of shoes have collar edges Both have treatments, of which 3.1 TT has the highest heel height.

The biggest question everyone has about the top MG is that it used to be a transparent outsole, Adidas Soccer Shoes this time it has become the same as the sub-top part of the combination of transparent + solid nails, from this point of view, indeed the top MG uses and times The outsole, which is the same as the top, has the meaning of shrinking. The sense of grade and visual effects have different degrees of difference, which can make people have a psychological gap,Puma Soccer Cleats but the actual actual combat effect and the degree of durability have little effect. 4.1 The outsole of MG has become black TPU, and the studs are added with orange embellishment. On the whole, PUMA's MG is a full-hand TPU, and its adaptability to the venue is significantly better than other types of studs. , Especially in the domestic complex human-grass environment, it is almost crushed, and it has been widely praised once it is launched. 3.1 Due to the positioning of TT, Nike Soccer Cleats Nonmarking non-marking wear-resistant rubber outsole is naturally standard. The design and distribution of broken nails are also important considerations for speed, but compared to other brands, the density of studs is slightly sparse. . There is a built-in white shock-absorbing EVA at the back 2/3 of the shoe body, which has a good ability to filter plantar vibrations.

PUMA MG's studs have a maximum forefoot of 0.53CM and heel studs of 0.8CM.

This time, Ultra's top Adidas Football Boots FG and MG versions are equipped with the new Nano Grip Technology technology aura. The gray material can indeed have an obvious anti-slip effect, but the loss will be slightly higher, and the later durability is not ideal. The surface of the insoles of 2.1 and 3.1 are covered with fluffy fabric similar to the material of the towel bottom, with obvious graininess, roughness and certain friction. 4.1 The insole of MG cannot be taken out. No comparison is made here.

Insole measured data (SIZE JP 280, EUR 43):

1.1 The net length of the MG insole is 28.1CM, and the widest part of the forefoot is 9.3CM.

2.1 The net length of the MG insole is 28.1CM, and the widest part of the forefoot is 9.3CM.

3.1 The net length of the TT insole is 27.8CM, and the widest part of the forefoot is 9.1CM.

Size recommendation: 1.1 MG size is normal, forefoot width is not as wide as Soccer Shoes FG. 2.1 MG and 1.1 MG, the forefoot narrower is more obvious, normal feet, the size is normal. 3.1 The TT package is in place, the upper lining is slightly thicker, and the size is normally small. Because it is an integrated tongue, it is recommended to buy half the size for some wide feet and high insteps. Soccer Cleats 4.1 The forefoot of the MG is slightly narrower and the size is half a yard smaller.

Insole back material shock absorption comparison

As shown in the figure,Puma Soccer Shoes the top and second top MG insoles are made of black electronic EVA,Adidas Soccer Cleats and the front and rear palms are respectively pasted with perforated black shock-absorbing foam (the two insoles are exactly the same except for the fabric material covered by the surface layer). TS042 mold), although both have a progressive edge structure around, but the zigzag code number on the forefoot tells us that they are actually cut.Adidas Shoes 3.1 The insole of TT is ordinary cut white foamed EVA.

Shoe compartment midsole comparison

The top and sub-top Soccer Shoe compartments have the same built-in midsole material. They are all black PP boards with white plant fibers added to the surface, and finally a geometric hollow is made on the heel. 3.1 TT can be seen that there is no midsole structure, so this may cause the outsole to be weak. You can DIY a carbon plate to solve the problem. 4.1 MG's insole and midsole are firmly bonded and difficult to disassemble, but the strength can be felt by bending the entire outsole, so Soccer Adidas Shoes 4.1 MG should also be a full palm midsole.

Weight comparison

The SIZE of the above four pairs of sneakers is JP 280.

Someone was worried about whether the weight of the MG version of the shoe body would exceed expectations. Adidas Soccer Cleats The weighing chart still answered this question objectively and directly. The weight of the top MG is almost the same as the top FG of other brands. This data is still quite good. , The second top level also continued this excellent level.

Puma Soccer Shoes Sto sum up

In fact, Adidas Shoes this issue of the secret room is mainly aimed at the two outsole types of MG and TT (TF) that everyone is most concerned about. As for FG's more detailed static and actual evaluation, we will not add it here. Speaking of MG everyone’s most concern is whether the vamp technology is reduced and the most sensitive shoe body weight. The top Soccer Shoes 1.1 MG vamp technology has no reduction, and at the same time it is very amazing in controlling "weight", so it is basically The upper meets all the needs of MG, but it should be noted that its shoe shape is slightly narrower than the FG version, especially the forefoot. The second-top class has no attractive highlights. If you have to find it, the area covered by the hot melt film will increase. The Puma Soccer Shoes 3.1 TT configuration is worthy of this level and its price, and it is worth the money. The entry-level Puma Soccer Cleats 4.1 MG does not have a strong presence in front of the three big brothers, but the price is suitable and the entry barrier is low is its biggest advantage.