At the beginning of April, PUMA released a new "Spectra" football shoe suit. The designer used white and colored woven threads to create a new image of the FUTURE and ULTRA series of boots. In the final sprint stage of the league and cup, PUMA hopes to use the new boots to inspire the players' optimism, confidence, hope and team spirit to help them achieve the final victory. Today’s new product appreciation, let’s take a look at the FUTURE Z 1.1 MG "Spectra Pack" Soccer Cleats!

  • Exterior

PUMA's new Spectra Pack Soccer Cleats suit has a very iconic appearance. The white-based upper is matched with the "rainbow" weaving thread to create a very pleasing and popular sneaker appearance. The FUTURE Z 1.1 MG boots introduced today have a large white upper that is clean and refreshing. The logo and logo are embellished with bright red, which is eye-catching and prominent. The most conspicuous "rainbow" part appears on the FuzionFIT+ adaptive compression belt, which is the core of the appearance and the core of the shoe function.

Puma's new Spectra pack suit uses white color matching, braided thread Soccer Cleats, and looks beautiful.

The upper of Future z 1.1 mg is white, and the upper logo is orange.

The iconic future logo is designed on the inside, which is full of style

The three-dimensional embossed Future logo not only enhances the aesthetics, but also has a certain ball-control assist effect.

The MG outsole used in the sneakers uses an all-white design, which echoes the main color of the upper, creating an overall look.

  • Vamp

The appearance design is very colorful, I believe there will be many EZers starting with this color matching boots, but there are some EZers, I believe they trust the performance of FUTURE Z 1.1 MG. The FUTURE Z 1.1 MG football boots use all the advanced technologies of the FG version of the upper. The basic material of the upper is a flexible knitted fabric; the covering is a light, flexible and ball-controlling Grip Control Pro; the star technology FuzionFIT+ compression belt is in The mid-end of the sneaker plays a role of wrapping and sticking; the last is the evoKNIT Pro material used in the tongue and collar of the shoe, which brings a sense of wearing like socks. The design concept, material and technological content of the entire upper, the MG version and the FG version are exactly the same.

The new color scheme The Future Z 1.1 MG upper design is consistent with the previous color scheme, and continues to use the high-end FG/AG version design to ensure the performance of the sneakers.

Fuzion Fit + compression belt, Grip Control Pro film and EvoKnit Pro knitted fabric are all used in the production of Future Z 1.1 MG upper.

The upper is made of flexible plant fabrics, with Grip Control Pro covering, which is comfortable to wear and fit while also having excellent ball control assistance.

The middle section is Future Z’s iconic Fuzionfit+ adaptive compression strap, which is blended with three different yarns to achieve the perfect balance between compression wrapping, comfort and durability.

The sneakers use an integrated sock design and are equipped with a shoelace system. The opening of the shoelace hole is lower and the foot lock is more tight.

Socks and collars made of Evokint Pro knitted fabric have excellent comfort and wrapping properties.

  • Outsole

The MG outsole used in PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG Soccer Cleats has excellent adaptability on domestic artificial turf pitches. Even in the case of poor quality, it can "harden". But after using the MG outsole, the sneakers have also replaced the matching last, so the new FUTURE Z 1.1 MG is still slender and long. Fortunately, the upper is soft enough and the middle section is tightly wrapped, which does not affect the wearing feeling at all.

The outsole used in Puma Future Z 1.1 MG is still designed for the old style, and the corresponding shoe last is also a long and thin old style.

The studs of this MG outsole are short and dense, with good site compatibility. At the same time, the durability of the outsole and the rebound response of the support are excellent.

  • To Sum Up

Many EZers have been squatting on a pair of FUTURE Z 1.1 MG boots with outstanding color matching, but there is no MG version that is more suitable for actual combat with the good-looking and colorful color matching. Until the release of the Spectra Pack, these little friends can finally start. You also like the appearance and performance. Anyway, you can buy this pair of PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 MG!