Inter Milan's Marcelo Brozovic wore a hand-painted version of the Mercurial Vapor XIII in the Serie A match against Sampdoria. The vamp pattern was inspired by the blue and black zigzag pattern of Inter Milan's 20/21 season jersey. Recently, Brozovic has replaced it with another graffiti customized MN13, which is still made by SWithADot studio.
SWithADot also created a custom boot inspired by the away jersey, but it seems that they eventually abandoned this plan, but the eye-catching cartoon crocodile pattern was retained.
It is still made based on the MV13 template. This time the custom graffiti style uses almost pure black color, with a graffiti custom cartoon crocodile pattern and Brozovic’s iconic ‘Epic Brozo’ emoticon pack on the heel. The crocodile pattern was inspired by Brozovic's "crocodile lying" action when defending a free kick.